Toutes Petit Festival France and Big Draw in Cumbria

Autumn 2014:

15-17 October  Le Tout Petit Festival  2014
in the regions of D’Erdre & Gesvres, France


Sat 1st November  during Big Draw week
Kirkgate Arts, Cockermouth, Cumbria

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We are had a busy, intense and great week performing in the centre of the old city of Strasbourg

2-9 February 2014
TJP Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace, Strasbourg, France


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two performances

Pavilion Dance South West – Bournemouth
3rd November 2013        11.30am and 3pm

you can book on line at
or call them on  01202 203630

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some 2013 performances

mini ets 6

FRATZ Festival Berlin April 21-25 2013
Internationales Theaterfestival für sehr junge Zuschauer
International Theater Festival for the Very Young
we were so happy to be invited and part of this new fresh dynamic festival!

HIJACK FAMILY FRINGE, Brighton, UK 25 May- 2nd June 2013
Etsbeest has two performances on Friday 31st May
Thank you Hijack for a special day as part of your insightful fun festival

DE STILTE Festival Breda, The Netherlands 9-15 June 2013
Etsbeest has two school performances and one public performance
on 10 June 2013
It was very interesting to also have performances with an ‘older’ young
and to sense how life changes when you go to school……

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TakeOff Festival Durham

ETSbeest is travelling to Durham to take part in TakeOff Festival 2012
10-16th November 2012, County Durham

We perform for and with our young audience
on 14th November 9.30, 11.00 and 13.00
at Gala Studio, Gala Theatre, Millenium Place, Durham

TakeOff was also an opportunity for artists to promote their work to
other programmers, festivals and venues.

Through showcasing the performance we met the Fratz team and were
invited to perform in Fratz Festival 2013 Berlin


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